Meet the multifaceted artist, kARTistry, a visionary creator who seamlessly blends the vibrant realms of visual, kinaesthetic and auditory expression. 

Her artistic journey extends beyond the canvas as kARTistry takes to the dance floor, translating the rhythm of life into mesmerising movements. 

Embark on a storytelling journey through movement with Get SUM - Spontaneous Unified Movement, a revolutionary dance experience curated by kARTistry. This one-of-a-kind concept brings individuals together for unrehearsed and spontaneous dancing, guided by key words in the music or voiceover, allowing participants to authentically express themselves.

As a DJ and music producer, she crafts sonic landscapes that mirror the rich diversity of her visual artistry, creating a synesthetic experience that captivates the senses. 

In the realm of kARTistry, creativity knows no bounds, and her work serves as a testament to the boundless fusion of colour, texture, dance, and music.

kARTisty personifies creativity and innovation across the realms of Music, Movement | Dance, and Visual Arts. A performer in every sense, she holds a B. Contemporary Arts (Dance and Art) and B. Edu, drawing inspiration from her diverse experiences and performances in Ghana, Norway, the USA, and Vanuatu. 

With a background in teaching The Arts to a broad spectrum of students, from university to early childhood levels, kARTisty stands out as a phenomenal force in reading crowds and delivering high-energy performances. 

Her extensive dance and choreography portfolio includes music film clips, NRL cheerleading, collaborations with Asanti Dance Theatre in Ghana, choreography awards, participation in the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony, and the coordination of numerous flash mobs. Notably, kARTistry introduces "Get Sum" (Spontaneous Unified Movement), encouraging crowds to move collectively yet uniquely.

Her artworks, characterized by vivid colour and texture, radiate a sense of curiosity and positivity.