“Life is sound and movement. Art is my expression of life” 

kARTistry performs LIVE PAINTING at events, on stage, festivals, galleries and workshops.



kARTistry brings her vibrant artistry to life on stage, at festivals, workshops, and events, infusing dynamic energy into her performances. Her live painting sessions serve as a captivating expression of her passion for movement, music, and nature, translating these loves into rich hues and textured masterpieces that delve into profound connections with self and the universe.


In a symbiotic relationship, art, movement, and music mutually inspire one another, with kARTistry's creations manifesting as a visual embodiment of her vibrant energy. Her artworks, characterised by lively hues and tactile surfaces, radiate an aura of curiosity and positivity. 

Engaging Performances

Collaborating seamlessly with DJs, kARTistry introduces an extra layer of performance and entertainment to the stage, skillfully capturing and translating the emotions and energy of the music into a visual symphony that takes the entire experience to a heightened level.

Watch the artwork unfold, live

Influenced by her global journeys through Egypt, UK, Asia, Vanuatu, USA, and immersive study / residence in Ghana, Scandinavia and various European countries, her live painting sessions stand as a testament to a global and immersive artistic voyage, where each stroke tells a story of diverse cultural influences and creative exploration. 

kARTistry's painting technique mirrors the expressive nature of her dance, often drawing inspiration from the Australian landscapes that surround her. 

"Art lights me up and is even more rewarding when sharing it with others."


kARTistry holds a Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Arts with a focus on painting, along with a Diploma in Visual Arts covering painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Her artistic talent has been showcased in a multitude of exhibitions, both solo and group, and she has been commissioned for various projects, including a notable large-scale public artwork. With a global reach, her paintings are in private collections across the USA, Scandinavia, Europe, and Australia.

Specialising prominently in paint as a key component of her multimedia approach, kARTistry infuses her creations with a bold and vibrant energy through a rich colour palette and textured application, resulting in impactful statement pieces. Her layering technique contributes to the depth and movement within the artworks, demonstrating sensitivity to colour mixing and aesthetics.

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Archival quality. Printed in Australia on premium artist materials.

Beneath The Surface

Carnival Rain

Feminine Masculine

3 Moons

Beachy Baby

Summer Vibes