Beyond the act of writing and producing music lies the true essence of kARTisty's artistry. In her sets, she doesn't just play the music; she feels it, delivering epic mixes that compel you to move and keep the dance floor pulsating with energy. 

In her sets, kArtistry showcases her versatile artistry by effortlessly navigating a diverse range of genres, exploring the realms of house, deep house, and nu disco. Her curation adds a unique touch with an infusion of revived 80's hot hits, creating a dynamic and engaging dance experience. She tailors the set to the context of the event.

With a successful career in contemporary and pop culture dance that has taken her across the globe, performing for crowds exceeding 100,000, kARTistry possesses a stage presence that is impossible to overlook. The dynamic fusion of her curated tracks, unstoppable movement, and dance creates an unforgettable experience, leaving a lasting impression on all who witness her performance.


kArtistry's distinctive dance background profoundly shapes the creation of her original music, seamlessly infusing and influencing it with her movement. Her dance serves as the guiding force, directing the flow of the music and adding a unique dimension to the auditory experience.

Blending elements from EDM, alternative, and experimental genres, kArtistry's musical creations embark on a fusion journey. The outcomes are a sonic exploration that proves to be unexpectedly moving, sparking both a desire to dance and a sense of surprise. The unique combination of genres creates a musical experience that defies expectations, offering a dynamic and emotive sonic landscape.

kARTistry is one half of the duo "Once A Master" 

Listen to tracks here https://www.abc.net.au/triplejunearthed/artist/once-a-master/