Get SUM 

 Get Spontaneous Unified Movement

Get SUM 

 Get Spontaneous Unified Movement

Join in on the magic of spontaneous expression

Everyone has a story. Express it through movement!

Discover the power of storytelling through movement with Get SUM - Spontaneous Unified Movement, a revolutionary dance experience facilitated by kARTistry. This unique concept brings people together to dance spontaneously and unrehearsed, guided by key words in the music or voiceover, allowing participants to express themselves authentically in their own way.

Imagine it as an impromptu and interactive flash mob, unfolding with unexpected joy and expansiveness. Above all, it's a whole lot of fun!

Get SUM is not confined to a specific setting; it happens at festivals, on stages to engage audiences, in community events, universities, secondary schools, primary schools, street parties, Performing Arts Studios, private events, and even with scouts. 

It's an all-encompassing vibe that sparks connection, inspiring people to engage with themselves and others through structured improvised dance. Get SUM stands out as an inclusive and captivating dance experience suitable for staged performances, festival roaming, and engaging workshops.

Want audience engagement in YOUR set?

For DJs seeking to elevate their sets with an interactive and unforgettable element, kARTistry and Get SUM offer the perfect solution. 

Bring an unparalleled energy to your set, creating a buzz that attendees won't stop talking about. Craft lasting memories with Spontaneous Unified Movement, where your audience connects, engages, and shares the vibrant atmosphere and leaves them wanting more.

All ages FUN!

Suitable for adults and children alike! Get SUM can be incorporated into kARTisty's DJ sets.

No experience or rehearsals required

This experience is adaptable, either roving for participants to opt in and out at their discretion or facilitated on stage with audience participation. 

Drawing from extensive experience in orchestrating numerous flash mobs, kARTistry conceived Get SUM as an accessible platform for individuals to convey their personal interpretation of the musical 'story' through movement.

With Get SUM, there are no rehearsals or choreography to remember – just a unique opportunity to tell your own story through movement, in the moment. Whoever is present can join in on the magic of spontaneous expression.

Freedom. Movement. Expression. UNIFIED.

Delve into a myriad of themes like the 'Game of Life,' recoding algorhythms, elevating vibrations, NPC state, sonic exploration, breaking free, create your reality, earth elements, energy centres/ chakras, earth and sky, volcanoes, tsunamis, robots, dragonfly life cycles, forests, feathers, and water, all seamlessly adaptable within the versatile framework of Get SUM. 

kARTisty's dance career spans various genres, encompassing self-expression, contemporary, funk, and commercial styles.

Her university degrees in Contemporary Dance and Community and Dance Education, both awarded with distinction, attest to her unwavering dedication to excellence.

Dancers in Ghana kARTistry choreographed with

From performing in Norway and Ghana to training in the UK and USA, kARTistry's journey is truly global. 

During her time in Ghana, she immersed herself in traditional African drumming and dance, alongside contemporary African dance with the Asanti Dance Company, facilitating workshops and choreographing a standout piece for their performance. 


Undaunted by large audiences, kARTistry has graced stages for crowds of 70,000 in Sydney, televised broadcasts, and 100,000 at the MCG in Melbourne, reaching international audiences. 

kARTistry's choreography has garnered numerous awards and been performed in major stadiums and numerous theatres.

kARTistry's innate ability to gauge the crowd adds an extra layer to her captivating and inclusive approach. This reflects her engaging and inclusive teaching style that has touched the lives of thousands, spanning from preschoolers to adults.

kARTisty lead the way in inspiring hundreds of teachers in The Arts and Innovation while teaching at university, preparing the next generation in Muisc, Dance, Drama and Art.

kARTistry loves inspiring others to shine their light through movement and Get SUM!